10 Romantic Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day


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10 Romantic Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is an excellent time of the year to do some special thing for your spouse, or show how much you care and love to the person you are dating. But the same old candle light dinner, buying roses and presenting gifts seem very outdated and boring. You can try out some unique, yet romantic ideas this Valentine’s Day.

Take a trip down memory lane.

This can be an excellent idea, especially if you’ve been together for a while. Put together a unique scrapbook or video montage of the most memorable parts of your relationship, where you can re-experience the joyous times that make you who you are today. You’ll remember what you love most about each other and be grateful for all the good times you shared.

Picnic in the park…or anywhere your heart desires.

Plan out a romantic dinner of both of your favorite foods and drinks in the park! Enjoy the date underneath the stars where you can find an intimate and more quiet setting than a busy restaurant on this special day.

Appreciate the sunset and each other.

What’s more romantic than enjoying the beautiful sunset with your loved one? Make it even more special by each writing down 10 things you appreciate about each other to remind each other that you are grateful for the impact they’ve given in your life.

Plan a weekend roadtrip.

Regardless if Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday or weekend, plan a romantic getaway on a roadtrip to a place you’ve both always wanted to visit. This will give you the chance to focus on each other and spend quality time with no other distractions. Turn off your cellphones and cherish the privacy that is rare to find in your busy lives.

Cook your partner’s favorite meal.

You can make your partner feel special by cooking her/him the favorite dish. You can set up a restaurant theme right at your home, away from the crowd. This gives the two of you to spend some quality time in a relaxing manner.

Go on a romantic bike ride.

If your partner loves an active life full of thrills and adventures, plan out a special bike ride and map out your own trails—but stay safe! Whether it’s finding secret pathways in your town or traveling down to the beach for a coastal cruise, this Valentine’s activity will be one to remember.

Find a secret spot to stargaze.

We often don’t find enough time to appreciate the universe we’re allowed to be a part of. What better way to give thanks back to this world than being with your significant other? Bring a map of the stars and find constellations and for fun, you can even make your own special constellations together.

Explore the arts.

Instead of going to your local mall movie theatre, try to find an independent theatre where you can find an amazing, valuable independent film that you may never have heard of. Explore your horizons by taking a trip to a museum you’ve never been to or walk around the local arts district. Getting creative with your partner can strengthen your mental relationship as well as your emotional bond as you both appreciate each others individuality and creative appeal.

A spa date.

Sit back, relax, and rewind! We often don’t take enough time to appreciate ourselves and give back to our own bodies and mental health. What better way to give back to yourself AND your partner than treating each other to a spa date?! Enjoy mud baths and couples massages to feel rejuvenated and reenergized.

Take the night in.

Celebrations don’t always mean going all out and planning an elaborate evening to dinner and beyond. Your busy schedules may not allow you to take enough time to appreciate your surroundings and what you have with each other. Plan a night in and cook a romantic meal and rent your favorite movies. Snuggle up with a blanket and a bottle of wine and enjoy the blessing of being able to spend some quality time with each other.

Regardless of what you do, make sure to fill the night with love and laughter, and make it a night to remember. You and your loved one deserve it!





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