20 Dream Destinations Around the World

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20 Dream Destinations Around the World

Close your eyes and try envisioning a place you’re far more suited to than that office chair. You might be daydreaming about the tropics, an ancient desert oasis, or a peaceful tree house in the Netherlands. An optimistic point of view is that dreams really do come true if you envision them frequently, and hard enough. If you currently cannot envision a place, then here are 20 dream destinations from around the world:

  1. Maldives is a tourist spot located in South Asia that most travelers would swear by. Maldives deserves to be in your bucket list if you enjoy clear blue water, picturesque sunsets and the luxurious resorts.
  2. Seychelles is located in the beautiful East Africa, and has won the hearts of many travelers. One can define this destination as simply luxurious for its coral and granite islands.
  3. If wild life beckons you, Costa Rica is the place to be. It offers an ample dose of adventure which features innumerable wildlife species, fiery volcanos and the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve!
  4. Umbria is a lesser known tourist spot, therefore making it a little more special than others, located in Italy. Explore the medieval towns, vineyards, and
  5. Australia is now a prominent place that no one forgets about. Take a visit for its beautiful coastal rock formations, pink lakes, and ocean pools.
  6. Bora Bora is a stunning destination, located in French Polynesia, that has climbed up the popularity chart. Its crystal clear water, overwater bungalows, and tropical vibes make this hot spot hard to ignore.
  7. Located in the heart of French Polynesia is the island of Tahiti. Again, another dreamy and romantic spot that one must visit!
  8. If you’re from a small and secluded town, then you probably dream of a destination that offers that hustle and bustle that you yearn for i.e. New York City! Go ahead and dream of the city that never sleeps!
  9. If you dream of a culturally rich location, then Barcelona will perfectly suit your needs. It’s rich cultural heritage and bars make it one of the coolest destinations in the world.
  10. Helsinki – if you love architecture you have to visit the Finnish capital. Lovers of coffee also gather here!
  11. Alaska – it’s a place where dreams are born. The wildlife and the panoramic views would make you feel as if you’re daydreaming about going there– regardless if you’re already there!
  12. If you love street food, shopping, and nightlife, then Bangkok is the destination for you!
  13. South Africa continues to win major travel awards. Many people make the trip to see wildlife up-close at Kruger National Park. Plus, this destination spot has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches!
  14. Many people flock to Arga, India to visit the Taj Majal– a destination with a majestic and dreamy aura. This landmark is a symbol of love, and looks just as beautiful in person as in a picture!
  15. Angkor Wat, located in Cambodia, is another landmark that many travelers have on their bucket list for its historical value and beauty.
  16. Hanoi in Vietnam mixes history with modernism and is quite the charmer with its temples and pagodas.
  17. If you’re a beer connoisseur, then Prague is the perfect destination spot for you. The capital of the Czech Republic also offers plenty architecture, gardens, and parks.
  18. How can anyone miss London? This city of European culture and tradition has so many remarkable places to visit that you need to spend at least a week there
  19. The reasons to visit Buenos Aires, Capital of Argentina, out way the reasons not to go. Two prominent reasons: wine and Tango.
  20. California— if you haven’t come to visit us yet, then this destination should find its place on your list. The reasons are endless…

Now, close your eyes and imagine yourself at some place other than your work desk. Where are you?





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