3 Ways To Include A Burst Of Cardio Into Your Busy Schedule


3 Ways To Include A Burst Of Cardio Into Your Busy Schedule

Finding time to incorporate fitness into your hectic schedule can sometimes be complicated and discouraging. Whether you’re juggling school, work, family, and up-keeping a healthy social life, it is still important to ensure a part of everyday for you. Working out is a good way to give yourself “me-time”. Here are a few tips to help you make sure that you get a healthy dose of dedicating hard-earned time for yourself everyday.

Manage Your Mornings

Mornings can be a challenge when it comes to time management. Whether it is having trouble with wakening from your slumber, or juggling the schedule of your own routine plus your family’s, it still isn’t impossible to squeeze in a few moments for yourself.

A great way to be prepared every morning is to pre-prepare. Set up everything you’ll need for the day the night before. Coordinate a morning meal plan for you and anyone else in need so you won’t have to be creative the last minute. Alternating breakfast ideas will avoid mundane morning meals and also make it easier on yourself thinking of enough ideas to fill out the week. When it comes to what you need, plan your outfit the night before as well and get your things together to avoid forgetting important folders or necessities. A more organized morning will give you plenty of time for yourself to squeeze in a 15-minute workout session consisting of an awakening yoga flow or intense cardio burn to release endorphins and give you that boost of energy you need.

Keep On Moving

We can all agree that probably the first thing we want to do after a full work day is sit back on the couch and watch our favorite show with the perfect glass of wine. How perfect does that sound? We may feel tired, but it’s most likely just a mental exhaustion rather than a physical exhaustion. We are dealing with activity in conversation, scheduling, and maintaining our energy level throughout the day to get our work done, which can easily exhaust your brain. However, it is guaranteed after a quick workout that your mental clarity will be reboosted. Go for a quick jog or power-walk when you get home from work to awaken your muscles and give you that mid-day energy boost you need.

Weekend Workout Warrior

Weather you have weekends off or not, make sure you can get at least one day a week off of work for yourself. Although it may be important to stay on the grind, it’s just as important to give your mind and body a rest of your daily routines. When you do get a day off, make sure you use the time wisely and put aside some time for a rewarding workout. Maybe try something different than the usual visit to your gym or run around the neighborhood. Explore the outdoors on a hike to expand your horizons, or sign up for that dance class with your girlfriends that you’ve always wanted to do. Days off are for fun and it’s great when you can enjoy the freedom while also keeping your body moving and cardio up.

Remembering these three easy tips will make working out less of a burden and more of that time you look forward to in your days.


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