5 Ways on How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions


5 Ways on How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

The beginning of every new year is the time we promise ourselves to change for the better and set goals that we’ve wanted to achieve. The first of January is considered, to many, the day we initiate all of the important changes in life and reinvent or discover oneself. One of the most common goals revolves around fitness and health. However, this can sometimes be the most challenging to consistently stick with throughout the year. Here are some helpful tips that can keep you motivated to keeping up with your goals and continue to set higher bars for yourself.

Don’t come up with too many resolutions.

Don’t begin your year with a marathon of goals to achieve. It is always better to choose one or two key resolutions that you have an interest in reaching. Make a list of no more than 3 longtime goals you’d like to see yourself at the end of the year, then set short goals throughout the year to help make that happen. For instance, if shedding pounds has been one of your goals, set a realistic overall weight that you see yourself at the end of the year, and create fitness goals throughout the coming months. Remember, make them realistic and your health is the most important factor!

Write down your goals.

Make a visual list of everything you’d like to achieve on a piece of paper. The act of writing is always great to stimulate the brain and motivate yourself by seeing the words penned out. Have these goals visible to you on a daily and frequent basis, so you will always remember to stay on track of getting there.

Try to achieve the goals in smaller steps.

It is always better to plan out your goals in smaller steps as compared to making a huge transformation all at once. For example, if you plan on going on a raw diet, don’t starve yourself all at once from foods your body is used to. This can be unhealthy and have a huge negative impact on your digestive system as well as functionality. Start with one meal every other day, then transition to everyday, then slowly cut out processed foods as you gradually can adjust your body to be used to sustaining on purely raw foods for the entire day.

Patience is important.

When you make life-changing resolutions, you have to understand that it cannot be achieved overnight. Practical transformations will take time and you need to be patient even when the path to achieve it is full of obstacles. For instance, when you want to achieve a healthy lifestyle, you will face several challenges, but if you have the patience to achieve it, you will be successful.

Let your friends and family know.

Talk about your goals with close friends and family members. Surrounding yourself with a positive support group keeps you motivated in sticking with your plans. They will tend to check in every once in a while to see how your progress is going and who knows, maybe even inspire them to do the same!

Try out these simple steps to keep you motivated in sticking with your New Year’s Resolutions and by the end of the year, you’ll feel accomplished and successful knowing that you did it!


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