How To Transition Into A Vegan Lifestyle

Switching to veganism is not so much about avoiding certain foods as it is a healthy lifestyle change. The benefits of going vegan are many, but, it isn’t as easy as celebrities make it look on magazines. If you have decided to make the change, the transitional phase is a challenge you’ll need to overcome. Here are four practical steps that can help!
Step 1: Know that you’re making the choice for all its benefits

This will not only give you the inspiration to start but also the motivation to go through the transition. Research the practices of veganism in detail. Most people decide they want to go vegan because it’s in fashion or a fad that has caught on popularity. Find your own reason to switch to veganism. If you are doing it for its health benefits and your love for nature and animals, you’re on the right track.
While letting go of your fur, leather and wool items will be relatively easy, it’s the diet that makes the transition challenging.


Step 2: Incorporate vegan ingredients to your diet bit by bit

Familiarize yourself with a few vegan ingredients and add them to your diet. Transitioning can be hard if you make drastic changes to your diet. Begin by adding ingredients like grains, legumes, tofu and nuts to your meals and slowly work your way to making them your main ingredients. It’s always a good idea to go vegetarian first and then start a vegan diet.


Step 3: Begin swapping your favorite non-vegetarian/animal derived food for vegan alternatives

Vegans have a plethora of options when it comes to alternatives. Having burgers, hot dogs and cheese prepared with vegan ingredients will ease the craving for non-vegetarian food while helping you get a hang of vegan food.


Step 4: Read to Stay Inspired

Going vegan is a journey towards a more compassionate, healthy and active life. It’ll help to read a few books based on real life experiences of authors who have taken to veganism. Here are a few books on animal advocacy and vegan cooking:

Apart from reading and relating with experiences of writers and bloggers, you can also find online and local communities. Since there aren’t many people who are into veganism it is easy to feel like you’ve made an unpopular choice. Finding the right people to share your own experiences with will keep you inspired.


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