Appleletics’ 2016 Summer Bucket List

2016 Summer Bucket List Watermelons, sprinklers, fireworks, sand between toes, barbecues, and fruit flavored sorbets, flip flops, bathing suits etc. are some of the things that might come to your mind while you think of summer. Another important thing that… Continue Reading

Breathe and Flow at the Breathe Yoga Festival (June 25th)

Breathe and Flow at the Breathe Yoga Festival (June 25th)! Details: Celebrate Fort Collins  Second Annual Breathe Yoga Festival!  With six tents of scheduled activities you are sure to have a fun filled weekend!   Plan your weekend Or just… Continue Reading

Join Us at the Dallas Yoga Festival (June 18th)!

Join Us at the Dallas Yoga Festival! Details: Be a part of International Yoga Day,  a world-wide celebration of yoga, where the Ancient Science meets modern times At Dallas YogaFest. The goal of Dallas Yoga Festival is to support healthy… Continue Reading

Sippin’ on St. Patrick’s Day – Delicious Drinks to Make Your St. Patty’s Party One to Remember! (No Matter How Many You’ve Had!)

Fun, joy and glory – St. Patrick’s Day gives you much more than an opportunity to party. So here are some delicious drinks to make sure your St. Patty’s party is spot on. This March 17th, you are going to… Continue Reading